WayFinders is a program available across British Columbia, that offers personalized
conversations and resources to empower people with disabilities
to find their direction towards fuller, richer lives in their community.

How it’s different

No Cost

Free one-on-one Visioning and Path finding


We meet families where and when they would like to meet​


We provide opportunities to do a PATH and envision the future

Setting the space

to develop a Life Plan
We help weave employment as one strand within the larger picture, and work towards meeting the individuals specific needs. It’s never too early or late to identify your aspirations and set a plan for greater self determination!

WayFinders, founded by the Family Support Institute (FSI)

In 2019, Family Support Institute (FSI) created the WayFinders program because they saw a need for Person Centred Planning through one-on-one Visioning and Path finding, across BC.

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    Our Regional Leads

    across British Columbia
    Find the facilitator closest to you and reach out to them directly to get started with WayFinders.
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